An American Permanent Resident
Living and Writing in Delft, The Netherlands

"I post what I think about life here that impresses me. When something I experience, with Holland or with the Dutch, sends me off on a daydream, then I try to write that."


My name is Gareth Wiley; I go by Gary and am an American national living in Delft since 2006. My most-every-Sunday postings come out of my musings: over what here is curious, different, or odd - to me. My email address is gwileynl at

Of the images I use, most are mine while some are from the news (or Google).
Regards, Gary

A Go at Writing a Weekly Column

In July 2016, a new column started in the newspaper Delft op Zondag (Delft on Sunday). I named it Even Kijken, which is Dutch for 'let's just see'. It is entirely in my mind and on this site. The actual Delft op Zondag has never heard of me.

My full-time work is writing fiction. Currently, a series called Tales of Chance the Mage. The plan is to publish every six months, and Book One is online here. I'll put them in paperback then e-book over time.

Tales of Chance the Mage
Genre: Epic Fantasy (magic)

Chance Win Field
Rogue High Mage


October 22, 2017

March 2018
second book

October 2018
second book

Archive: 2017 columns

Archive: 2016 columns

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Up, Up, and Away


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Carnival in the Year of the Dog


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Like Everyone Else


February 4, 2018
So Far, So Good


January 28, 2018
A Small Break


January 21, 2018
In Mixed Company


January 14, 2018
Small Things


January 7, 2018
From Delft


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