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Delft op Zondag


4 DECEMBER, 2016

Sunny, Clear, Sunday Mornings

DELFT - I enjoy a day that begins like this: there is Milano coffee, toast and honey, and a clear blue sky out the window. My partner is already at the stables; I can picture her riding out into the woods, a big smile on her face.

We are different in our hobbies. I will stay up to midnight, pondering over wording, grammar and flow. Next morning, I like to sleep late: give the sun a chance to purify the air before stepping out. Not my partner who likes to get her horse out and exercised before the trails become crowded. Neither of us is easy in crowds, so she goes early and I go late. Its just a personal preference. I'm usually contemplating while she's experiencing. Gives us a lot to talk about when we are together.


"I woke up late this morning. My room has a view, and the sunshine lights the New Church tower (on the right) first. Outside: a Delftse Blauw hemel / Delft Blue sky is calling me."

I look out the window. If the day is nice, like today, then I'm eager to be doing things outside. If the day is rainy, cloudy, cold then I'm happy to let things slide to tomorrow. She has gotten used to that about me, and after this long, she knows to remind me what we have planned.

She has horses, a dog, grown children, young grandchildren, sisters and brothers, a mother to visit, and a garden. And me, of course. I am in that group but she doesn't have to manage me so I'm not at the top. I don't mind coming after the horses and the dog. So long as I'm in her life, I really don't mind at all. For someone like me, its handy having her to remind me to bring my keys, did I read the meter and send the counts in to the water company?

A hundred things come to my mind when the day is like this one. I really want to cut down the bush in front and tuck in the left overs from summer into the flower bed. It was so pretty in late spring; its ugly by this time in the cold season.

Sure want to get the recycle dumped today: paper, glass and plastic. I'll load the wheelie cart and take it to the bins a few streets over. If I wait until after noon, then I can walk in the sunshine there and back. This morning, I'm planning my day.

My partner has had this day planned long before - she goes forward, often checking her little pocket calendar, knowing just what needs doing when. She doesn't make lists but she is organized. I make it up as I go along and forget appointments.

Over dinner the other day, she asked me what I thought about us going out with the caravan - and she had the dates for me to agree to. She is talking about next year; I'm half thinking a plot line in a scene I'm writing. I've learned to just go along.

Coffee drunk, house warm, I'm ready. She'll be back from the stables around noon. Its Sunday so she'll be cooking today because she takes care of the grandchildren and makes the family a dinner on Mondays. And she makes enough for me.

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