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18 DECEMBER, 2016

The President America almost had...

DELFT - From here, the election in America started bizarrely and stayed that way. And, it has not stopped. It does not look like it is going to stop. Folks in the US are arguing over power; everywhere people are doing the same - in their own way.

I have read that she has always been competitive - and a nerd. All agree she is organized with clearly stated goals - a plan for everything. When she made her move, she was old; the woman is at 70 when most just want to relax. She got kicked for pacing herself; even so, it made sense to me since being president is hard work. She attracts people I admire; they seem to have liked her for herself and for what she was attempting. It was bold to try, knowing...


"This photo is from the news: Hillary Rodham - walking away and waving so long. Thanks for the memories. Bill will have tea ready when she gets home. She stuck by him when he was a fool, and now he is helping her let it go."

In 2016 I watched and read a lot of news on the web. I have been away for 10 years; it is almost a surprise to realize how long that is. But a lot has changed since I wandered away. The Netherlands is my most familiar country. America is memory.

I am going to have to live within the E.U., not the U.S. But I will be doing that as an American living abroad. I am happy to be a tax-paying guest with a permit to stay. My Dutch is getting better. However, I have a poor attitude: regardless of how many words I learn, how much grammar I know, I will never speak Dutch 'right', not the way a Dutch person does - naturally without thinking. I have to think to speak Dutch; I am used to not thinking when I speak American. That sounds wrong.

I liked the videos that came out from time to time of the camaraderie on her campaign plane. Especially, I enjoyed the Mannequin Challenge they did. She showed she could hold still for about 30-40 seconds, far longer than her opponent.

I know nothing of her 'damn emails' and am happy in that ignorance. If it was a waste of time to Mr. Sanders, I'll take his word for it. The Wiener bomb was a dirty trick, but we are talking about politics - and power. Want a friend? Get a dog.

She has been humiliated, in public, to a degree unimaginable to most of us - and did not give up. The hammering she got during the campaign was brutal, aimed low and relentless. She was civil, kept to her message and was too madeup.

I like the new photos of her that are a woman who does not bother over much with looking like a vibrant, youngish, zesty grandmother. She lets her hair fall as it likes and looks her age. Cameras be damned; she is saying something intelligent.

My absentee ballot is limited to Brazoria County, Texas, which is a rural, traditional kind of place. It is my last, legal U.S. residence even though I am long gone. No matter, I always vote Green. So, goodnight Mrs. Clinton wherever you are.

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