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05 MARCH 2017

Depends on what you mean by Real

DELFT - The billboard caught my attention because I have been studying 'real' English grammar, along with Dutch, and vocabulary. Appreciate means to increase; thus, your investments appreciate. Many Americans say appreciate when they mean grateful.

I think if the billboard stopped at the first sentence, it could be meant to be uplifting or encouraging. Others might complain it pressures men. Generally, a real man is an anatomically correct member of the male sex. But the tone of 'real man' implies traits beyond physical to define a man. Women who meet the criteria for real are grateful for being provided for. In my college days, a joke was women were there for their Mrs degree - to get married.


News quote: 'Whiteheart Outdoor Advertising owns the billboard, which went up on Feb. 17. ...(Mr.) Whiteheart added that the company that purchased the sign has asked to remain anonymous and paid around $2,000 for the billboard'.

When I first worked in IT, I had a woman boss which is the old way of saying a boss who was a woman. She was divorced, had a small child and worked as a sub-manager over reporting. IT was part of reporting in those days. She did not like men and could be bitter in her daily comments. It took me a long time to bring her to the peace table.

While I was at college, my dad decided he needed to free himself and did not want my mother's help in that. She ended up in my student apartment one day and later tried to find a job. She had not worked very much but made her way. By the time she was done and retired, she was an executive secretary and had led a successful campaign to force military men to pay former wives court-awarded alimony.

My thoughts went off into the wilds of years ago, and I recalled when I worked IT in Human Resources. I made reports of staff in profiles. It was during a time of national standards about women and minorities in the work place.

my boss then was a Black female, a twofer. She was certainly one of the smartest people I've worked for, but one day I teased her. Almost all our professional workforce was white male. My point was the company was missing out on talent.

For starters, half of all people are female. She was wise to me instantly and smiled. I went on that we were recruiting from only half the talent pool. I guessed that perhaps a quarter of the population was minority; she nodded that was about right.

With lousy math, I said we were picking from white males from certain white colleges, which came out to maybe 5% of talent. She asked if I had a problem. I did but did not and observed doing hiring that way was a waste, plain wasteful.

Some of the men in my extended family have provided until they tired of it, they found someone younger or their home life had become unpleasant. Most men in my family have provided as they could, out of love and ongoing caring.

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