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Delft op Zondag


30 APRIL 2017

King's Day in Delft

DELFT - Most of us were fooled earlier in the month when we had a few days in a row that were sunny and warm. Winter coats and thick sweaters were merrily put into closets, and summer shorts and t-shirts came out, were aired and worn happily. It did not last; it is cold and wet again, but 'April showers bring May flowers'.

This last week was Koningsspelen (Royal Games) where children are urged to play all kinds of games, eat well, and take up hobbies. Last Thursday was King's day, Koningsdag. Kids spread blankets and sold toys they didn't want anymore. Music was round every corner; flags were flying. The day was chilly and sunshine now and again but lots of fun.


"Koningsdag in Delft: we took in the street sellers; partner was thrilled to buy handfuls of boys undershorts for 1 euro each. I treated her to a coffee on the Beestenmarkt where we listened to a band play Swing. Later, we came back for dinner; by then, the band was Salsa."

While browsing the news, I came on a video of the memorial for the latest policeman shot only a few days before the election. His partner spoke about their friendship and love. He said a little about the man himself, describing the things he liked, his ways, him. France paused to mourn with him, a man in grief. Mr. Hollande was present as well as many fellow police, Mr. Macron and Ms. Le Pen. Likely the last two were widely separated.

Mr. Macron is married to a woman years his senior; Ms. Le Pen has three children and lives with her boyfriend. I read that what people really care about, what they think is more important, is jobs and the economy. Yes, they do worry about immigration and violence. But first, let us talk about work.

The motorcycles are no longer stored and now are taken out on runs. Mine is still in winter care. I have thin blood, cold natured; I will wait until end of May to bring mine out. When I hear the roar of a passing bike, I become antsy, my mind 'on the road'.

My partner bikes all over - dog in the front basket wrapped warmly in his bright red blanket. She has found a shop that features old-time veggies and is cooking them into our meals. Some are odd but, honestly, often very good with unusual taste.

Even she will observe that it could be warmer. This is the woman who thinks anything above 22 degrees (71.6 F) is too warm. My view? I love hot. I've got old, much-loved clothes I brought from Texas that I rarely get to wear here.

After experiencing Brexit and Amerexit, I watched the first round of the French elections with a little anxiety. The vote in the Netherlands had gone sanely; that much was firm. I hoped the French would be sane too. There is a second round to go.

What has most news is that both long-standing political parties went down. Parties that had traded ruling in France for decades were left at the curb. All anyone has to do is look in their mirror and see one cannot go back to how things once were.

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