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Delft op Zondag


06 AUG 2017

DELFT - Trump. From what I can gather from speaking with the Dutch that I know, people do not want to hear anymore from or about the new American president. How the US acts is important, but it seems so bizarre. Besides, Europe has its own problems which outweigh the ill wind blowing from across the Atlantic to us.

Close to home, closer than Mr. Trump's tweets anyway, we are in our summer holiday, which is a serious activity in all of Europe. We are mostly on vacation. Try getting a plumber or repair man - on holiday. We have our children home all day, and they need attention. The only crowds in Delft now are tourists; the locals are on holiday, at the beach, gone. The papers and news shows talk about egg quality and how hot it is in the south.

Blue Sky

"In addition to the meaning of the words themselves, Blue Sky can refer to an attitude. This state of mind is notable for being blissful, beyond mere care, and tranquil. It is treatable with medication and a serious attention to reality. The return of winter usually is enough to cure that."


Talk to the folks living around the Mediterranean sea: unbearable heat, wild fires and immigrants swarming northwards. Add in the public acts of killing and maiming by cultists, which are indiscriminate, to have steadily rising public tension. Recently, I have noticed that the market now has police patrols. That is new and brings the worry a little closer to home than it was. We have soldiers patrolling train stations and airports.

Each country in the Union has sharp, stubborn cultural divisions. Some have gone pretty far to advance their vision for their own society. Read the news and despair. Ignore the news and embrace the Blue Sky. Whistle a happy tune and take a holiday, hide away. Look at the sky. Take a walk, go to a museum, bike to some place.

Still no agreement on a new government for Holland; life goes on rather smoothly despite this lack. Seems each is unwilling to compromise on what are called core principles. No one yields anything, not an inch.

It makes a person begin to question whether anyone is capable of more than their own opinion, of even listening to someone who does not see the world exactly the same way. However, this is not new to our time.

Self interest will usually decide a person's views which is likely naturally part of our makeup. Why would we do or allow something that decreases our status, income or entitlement? Me ahead is just common sense.

With us, cooperation is not natural; it is taught and comes from the belief that if all benefit, each benefits. This concept is needed because we live in crowds. However, it is a choice that has to be made continuously.

I am drinking a case of Blue Sky. Asked lately if I plan to go back to the US, and I answered no. I would miss the coffee. I would miss the incredible blue sky we have here - from time to time. I am turning 'Delft Blue'.

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