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Delft op Zondag


08 OCT 2017

DELFT - Like most places in Holland, Delft recycles. A recent article reports that it is not working. The way it is being done does not come even close to the goal, costs way too much and little is useful for any purpose. Perhaps, just perhaps, folks might consider the reality and review alternatives. In the meanwhile, the Dutch government is closely eying new laws to prohibit bad driving, road hogs and such uncivility.

The polls in the US say 3 in 10 own guns; average is 8 per. I believe in play and hobbies. Guns qualify as one option. Some will collect Barbie dolls, others egg cups; some play team sports, others hike alone in the hills. The essential difference between gun love and all others is that guns are used to kill. It takes just a little 'putting yourself in someone else's shoes' to see the impact of slaughter.

Your Crazy Love

Paul Simon's song Crazy Love vol.II starts off: "Fat Charlie the Archangel, sloped into the room. He said I have no opinion about this, And I have no opinion about that." Further, he sings: "I don't want no part of your crazy love." By the way, the album is called Graceland. Regarding guns, America needs to talk about this crazy love it has for bang bang shoot 'em up.


No one is willing to talk about guns yet, too soon, grieve first. The issue is not gun control but guns out of control. Bring up the latter and you are slapped with being for banning gun ownership. After that, it becomes emotional. Flags are attached to cars, rallies held to honor the Second Amendment, and people clutch their rifles as if it were their first born. All are urged to calm down, there are 'good people on both sides'. If people have a right to own a gun, do people also have a right not to be shot with one? About 'life' in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, is a fair go at living not in that?

Holland has its full share of crazies, but they do not have access to guns. Over here, they have to smuggle a gun in, hide it and hope the police do not find out. Good luck on that fantasy.

My brother and his wife work for the Veterans Admin and have gone often to Las Vegas for conferences, symposiums - events designed to award merit and highlight problems to be tackled. And the city is fun.

Few places work so hard at being fun. It is the home ground of Happy Diversion. "What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas" is the attitude and means you can get a little wild, party till you drop. Spend all your money.

One crazy old man with a stack of guns rents a room in a hotel from which you can see a country music festival in a park below. He checks out by killing himself after dealing death to strangers down on the street.

Everyone is shocked; many are heroic trying to help others. The first questions are: is hotel security too lax and why did he do this. No, the actual question is how was he able to do this, to have so many guns.

Thoughts and prayers pour out, for the cameras. But no discussion, no solutions, no hope of, if not an end, at the very least less of this ongoing madness. A good place to start talking is fabulous Las Vegas.

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