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10 DEC 2017

DELFT - The American magazine, Time, chose the "MeToo" discussion for its Person of the Year, 2017. To see the actual image of the cover: here. My guess is that Dutch women can speak of their view of how they are treated, believed and respected. That has started to be reported, nationally. Locally, Delft is a small town with many college-aged students, who likely care about it.

Movie and political stars are part of everyone's life. As with regards to our fellows at our work and public people, most of us spend more time with unrelated co-workers or following the daily flash, than we do with partners and family. Since half of us are female, MeToo concerns all of us. It is maybe the other side of the issue that is making it feel as if the ground is shaking. I mean our view that males are at the top of any ranking. It is baked into religion, custom and social order.

The Silence Breakers


From the internet: "A Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday found nearly half of U.S. women said they had been sexually assaulted.

"Among the 1,747 American adults surveyed, 17 percent of men and 47 percent of women said they had been abused, according to the Nov. 29-Dec. 4 poll, which had a margin of error of 2.8 percentage points."

Time's image held me from the first. Five people looking right at me, not smiling. The 'look' on each face is frank, each asking: how do you see me? Do you see 'me' at all? Does my hair excite you? Am I equal to you? The question seems to be between body versus the person inside it. Women want an honest response to harassment. Lying and excusing are dishonest; belittling accusations and defaming claimants are dishonest. 'I don't do that no more'. Sure, we are enlightened and admit to being insensitive in the past - maybe - in some views - but are now free of arrogance.

A man runs his hands down a woman's butt when he thinks no one is looking. A politician's creed is 'never be caught in bed with a dead woman or a live boy'. No woman tells the truth anyway. When you are a star, you can do anything you want.

Men dominate most practices, even those that are oriented to women. Until recently, for one, doctors/physicians were male. That was seen as natural, ordained even, and was enforced. A few women broke through.

My reaction is it was a terrible waste of potential. I mean that intelligence and ability appear to be common in both sexes. Ideas, talent and ambition are characteristics of our species. Reproduction only is sex-linked.

Pecking order, male dominance and breeding rights are aspects of animal behavior. A big, tough rooster takes his pick of the hens. That is driven by hormones and instinct. Humans can think and decide their behavior.

The image from Time's cover, which used to called Man of the Year, first appeared to be five women. Then, I noticed a shoulder, on the lower right. A sixth woman is included but hidden, in fear of her abuser.

All that is being asked is that men treat women as they themselves would be treated. The days when Big Ugh led the men of the clan in hunting mastodons and then had his pick of any woman - long gone.

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