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17 DEC 2017

DELFT - In the news, I read that the US state of Alabama voted for Mr. Jones over Mr. Moore, for a seat in the Senate. A note about Mr. Jones in the article caught my eye. He was the attorney who prosecuted the last two members of the KKK cult over killing 4 girls in a church. The girls and church were Black.

In 1963, when the girls were killed, the US was mostly segregated, but that was breaking up. The US was losing a war, and no two people felt the same way about Vietnam. That was also the year a President was shot as he rode in an open car in Dallas. Alabama too was boiling over. The first trial was in 1977, and it took courage because it was dangerous to do. Mr. Jones was a law student and watched it. Later, as attorney at the trial of the last two accused of the crime, he showed his fairness and character.

Memories from Remission dopz-2017-12-17w

From Reuters: Democrat Doug Jones won a bitter fight for a U.S. Senate seat in deeply conservative Alabama on Tuesday, dealing a political blow to President Donald Trump in a race marked by sexual misconduct accusations against Republican candidate Roy Moore.

"We have shown the country the way we can be unified," said Jones, who as a U.S. attorney prosecuted members of the Ku Klux Klan for the 1963 bombing of a Birmingham church that killed four little girls.

Standing in front of each statue, you meet her. None look accusingly, and they stand naked before the world. Are they bathing together or are those stances of some everyday thing they will never do. Honestly, I was Chemo Head walking and talking, and my memories are choppy. Seeing these women affected my emotions, which often needed reining in during remissions. I wonder how I would feel seeing them again, now.

I would read the booklet. I would know their names. What I would avoid is reading the story, history is too grim for me. The times were crazy, and people were getting killed by looney tunes almost anywhere. It is enough for me that those who committed the crime saw a courthouse and justice. So, I would visit the women now and say, it's gotten better, really. Tired of waiting? Who is not.

I went to Arizona around 2000. It was during a remission, which was not expected to last long: a time when I learned what 'aggressive' can mean. As I was feeling good enough, I was invited to visit Phoenix.

My host took me to where I wanted to go, such as Taliesin West, and also to a place he liked. Outside the city is a park sitting on a hillside. I remember a chapel, a walk along a gravel way through raw desert, down a slope.

At the bottom was a circle of water, and statues stood on round pods, facing outwards. Stepping stones let a person walk out and stand behind them. I recall some did while I was there. I did not do that as it felt rude.

I learned from a guide that this is a memorial to those 4 girls. Each statue is one of them, imagined had she lived. Why it was done, the artist, and how it came to be here, far from Alabama, is all in the free booklet.

Well done Alabama. No more, hey? (How could anyone resist writing that.) I lived in Texas so know that people can differ in how they see things. I also know from living there that people can listen and do.

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