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07 JAN 2018

DELFT - Welcome to 2018. It appears to be filled already. Some are for sure: such as Prince Harry will marry Meghan and Germany will have a government. Other events are similar to waiting for curtains to part on the start of the closing act of a play. Or, maybe it is just another act.

In this intermission, I think we can go a little easier on politicians, the actors in the play. Start with Mrs. May - who would want her role? The UK will exit, falling over the finish line heroically. Dutch are nervous watching it but have centuries of dealing with the British. A little slack for President Trump too? The man is heavy and old - his exercise is swinging a golf club from time to time. He prefers to be in Florida with people he likes. So? Give the man a chance to relax.

From Delft dopz-2018-01-07w

Vermeer painted this view of Delft, looking west,from across the canal from Rotterdam to Den Haag (the Hague). In those days, produce entered the heart of the walled city via a portal. The scene is from long ago; however, two women seem to pause for a chat. Perhaps one is telling the other about a market outside town with better selection.

Growing up, I had a younger brother. He was quiet and did not talk. My mother tells me the first words she heard him say were: "Gary did it." Seems I blamed him for something that was broken or for being where we were told not to be. Once he started talking, the game was up. I had to change my ways and take responsibility before the parental tribunal.

My wish list for 2018 is, as always, peace first. After that, I am open to suggestion. Want to try a United States of Europe? Show me how you see that working, but I'm not against it. Do police and public have opportunities to do better in their interactions? Good. Let's hear your ideas. Think the government is corrupt? Vote for a person who is not and pay your taxes.

War in some form is a traditional human activity, even as sea levels are rising and climate is a changing. True, nuclear war takes this behavior to serious levels. So long as the act sticks to who has a bigger button...

We deal with what we have to: a little progress, slide back a ways - try again. It is human to want life to be better than it is. For some, that is more money while for others, more of something else. It is what we do.

Set aside all that you did not like about 2017 and gaze upon what was done that shows our kinder side. We helped refugees and migrants. We stood against religious cults and fought them. We made laws to open love to all.

We agreed that a woman can be attractive without fearing rape. There even seems to be the idea that what a person is, inside, is more important than what he or she looks like on the outside. And, we touched on responsibility.

Cloudy, short, chilly days relax me. If the sun were shining, I'd feel I should be doing something - outside. Meanwhile, I enjoy the after-taste of Christmas, the pleasure in seeing family, all the well wishing.

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