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21 JAN 2018

DELFT - The term in the title comes from American slang and means: in a group of men and women, men were not supposed to cuss, make vulgar jokes, or chew tobacco. These days, it refers to what can be talked about with others, co-workers and so forth, and what is best kept to yourself.

Mr. Trump's first year, and his campaign in 2016, added politics to the short list of 'do not talk about...'. Polls conducted since his remarks about African nations show that US citizens are divided. Those who think well of President Trump rate 2017 as fantastic. Those who disagree, over half of persons taking the poll, think much differently about him. Opinions are closed, in a shell that hardens against contrary argument. I doubt there will be a pearl from this.

In Mixed Company dopz-2018-01-21w

Mr. Rezkallah from Beirut, Lebanon, has a web site: A Parallel Universe on which he has some fun. From his site: "In a parallel universe" is a series of fictional images, recreated from real ads in the mad men era, that question modern day sexism: showing it through a humorous light to spark a conversation through role play.

He was shouting when I passed, and the police were not having it. I thought I heard one tell him if he did not like it here, he could go back where he came from. That seemed to quiet him. It is nice to know when the Dutch police finally catch up with me, they will inform me of my wrongs in English.

Such going on is unusual for VrouJuttenland street. Mostly, folks sit out on their front stoops, which are about 3 feet wide. They remark on passing tourists and enjoy the sun. The suspicious tourist, in the car with GB plates, was delicious to watch for sure. I am a fan of the Dutch police. They go about on foot, bikes, horses, two-wheeled contraptions and in autos. They chat with folk on the street or market.

Over here, when the new ambassador to the Netherlands tried US 'dodge-ball' with Dutch reporters, he was told he had to answer questions. He was taped lying about Muslims in Holland at a hate fest in 2015.

So the man was born in the NL and moved as a child. It shows that Dutch are not immune to the new American disease. By that, I mean when falsehood is put out as truth and truth is branded faked. It is confusing.

It all seems to include immigration, at some point in the split. My grandmother moved to California from the Mid-West and complained about everyone who came along behind her. That is human nature.

Thus, I noticed an unusual event in quiet VrouJuttenland street, on the west side of the canal. Three police were talking to a man in a car, which had GB plates. The man's English was not as good as the police's.

No one acts afraid of them because they are police. And, in turn, they do not act like they own the place. Street patrols often include women. A woman's place is quite obviously anywhere she wants to be.

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