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Delft op Zondag


28 JAN 2018

DELFT - We did have some sunshine this week, but mostly it was the kind of week a person might not remember much about. The sky was overcast, the days are still too short and often it drizzled. The kind of light rain that makes things slick and shiny but not especially wet. Not enough to bring out the umbrella / paraplu.

Honestly, I did not make an effort to keep up with the US and its President. Sure, Davos is supposed to be a big deal. Stand in the snow and see some billionaire whisked from a limo to a ballroom. It seems very old fashioned, meaning getting rich people together and asking them what they think. Why would anyone link intelligence with ability to make money? People with no money are not automatically dumb.

A Small Break dopz-2018-01-28w

My impression is that Dutch, generally, like art, like to have it around and do not mind if children climb on it. I ran out of toothpaste so was on my way to the Salamander and saw a child relaxing on some art. No one made a fuss or warned that it was too dangerous. He was still there when I passed on my way home.

2018 is already looking fully booked. Here it is, the end of January, and our adventure plans begin end of February. Leave my cozy fireplace and go out in the crazy world? Spend a few days in which what I want is not where I put it and ready for use? Perhaps, I am running a hibernation fever? It will do me good to go 'rough it' at a three-star hotel in some sunny resort. Put color back in my cheeks.

We decided to remain within the EU this year. There is plenty to visit, its nearby and they use the Euro. If air travel does not suit, a train can get a person almost anywhere. A year or so ago, my partner and I took a train to Venice - very 'Murder on the Orient Express'. The William Tell Express was beautiful Switzerland out your window.

A friend decided that she was tired of working so much. There were other interests that she had, and so she upped to her manager and told him she was scaling down to 2 days a week. He pleaded, she was firm.

Holland has a two-sided problem with work: there are not enough people for jobs and once hired, folks are impossible to fire. No, it is more that they are very expensive to let go. That is how things are here in the Netherlands.

Along with dreary days, a mess of 'going round' has many blowing their noses and coughing. Painful throats are standard, and achy-all-over feelings leave folks limp. A person has to think twice before shaking someone's hand.

My partner is one of those who believe in chicken soup and its curative power. I enjoy her cooking so am happy when she makes some for me. For colds, I reach for the aspirin bottle and don't feel like eating.

What is very nice about a train is that you can stand up and walk around. First class is cheap, they serve wine and the seats are comfortable, roomy. There is no comparison - we could have gone to Davos by train.

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