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25 FEB 2018

DELFT - There was a radio program I listened to, long ago, called Prairie Home Companion. It was broadcast from a fictional Minnesota locale called Lake Wobegon and started off with the weather around town. The news from Delft is that it has been a string of sunny days and blue skies. A little cold but it is February, winter.

Garrison Keillor was the creator, writer and main performer in the program (1974-2016). The show was pure home-spun and featured small-town comedy. Especially, I remember a crazy skit he did about the Terrible Chickens of War. He named his final show: 'Sumus Quod Sumus' (We are what we are). He was recently exposed as having a history of 'imposing himself' on women, uninvited.

No Words dopz-2018-02-25w

New York's Daily News is not a liberal newspaper.

There are no words that will console the families nor any that can excuse the American President's tantrums and behavior.

I read that the students from Douglas High School are not willing to let this go. They speak out, clearly and with force: do something. They live in Florida, which is going to make it hard for any changes to gun policy. Who are the people who see guns as a right like freedom of speech. Words provoke, guns kill. Trump suggests we arm every teacher. Anything at all, except deny someone the ability to buy a gun.

An American comedian had some vulgar words for the instant messages of Thoughts and Prayers from people directly responsible for the ease of buying a gun. Others are speaking out about just how much money goes from the National Rifle Association to politicians - a lot.

One point of view could be that the man's entire life's work is tarnished, reduced, by what was tolerated, ignored and so forth. He is being judged by today's standards for yesterday's actions. Just a regular guy.

Another point of view is that enough is enough. Using power of some kind to induce another to give sex is disgusting - and not uncommon so say the media. Getting away with it time and again is not uncommon either.

2017 was remarkable for the movement called "Me Too". Speaking up to accuse is no longer dangerous. 2018 is seeing a man with top security access at the White House booted out for slugging his wife.

He is a guy who looks good in a suit, handsome even, except he has a temper. Folks liked him, and he was good at his job. Except he had this temper that made him hit women he was married to. He denies it all.

Grown adults seem unable to even talk about guns; however, a 17 year old high school student can be passionate, confrontational, and persistent. My money, in this round, is on the kids. I wish them success.

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