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11 MAR 2018

DELFT - Even the most enjoyable location can become too familiar, a little stale. When it does, it is time to get away, for a while. Delft was going from a mild winter into a week-long very cold spell. It was the English comedy team, Monty Python, who gave us the expression: 'now for something completely different'. My partner looked to the south so off we went.

Dear Mr. Musk. You have put one of your cars into space (just to advertise it), are drilling a tunnel under Los Angeles to speed up commuting, and become quite good at catching things you toss up into the air. You have also virtually air conditioned South Australia. Could you not have turned yourself to finding a better way to get people into and out off airplanes, before and after a long flight? Tsk, tsk, Mr. Musk. What about us?

Up, Up, and Away dopz-2018-03-11w

Mark Forsyth wrote The Elements of Eloquence which explains Rhetoric. One section describes Hyperbaton, "adjectives in English absolutely have to be in this order: opinion-size-age-shape-colour-origin-material-purpose Noun." His example is: a lovely little old rectangular green French silver whittling knife." So, I saw a happy, large, new, fat-tire, yellow, American, (your turn), pleasure bike.

There, I was the guy who did not speak the local language, was of a 'certain age' (old) and confused by how things are done where I was. However, I scored high on my 'Green' count - the test that shows how much insurance a person has. (Mine is Dutch.) Until this experience, I thought of my partner as an aquifer of patience. That is not so, at least it dried out at that hospital. After a few days of trying to untangle local medical ways, I refused treatment and self-released. We made a 'break for the border'.

She is an organized person as well. She put me in a taxi and took me away up into the hills. Everything considered, the best of all was we were alone together, just us two, in an exotic place. She is not hard to be with, and I like her.

Despite my discomfort getting there and back, I spent most of last week working on my sunburn. We stayed at a rural hotel set in scenery that was not flat and was not wet. In all directions you were plainly not in Holland.

As the Dutch say and sing: Ik hou van Holland (I love Holland). I think I do as well, love being a pretty loose word. There is so much to appreciate here, not the least of which is my partner. But, it is refreshing to get away.

Whether your plans unfold as imagined after your arrival somewhere foreign (to you) or not is a matter for the role of life's dice. I likely had the makings of a cold when I left Holland and soon found myself becoming 'puny'.

Having a cold while on vacation irked me, especially far from my medical hold-fasts in Delft. The help available is not like that in Holland where I know what to expect in care, quality and all that.

We had to delay returning so spent the time in a 6-room rural hotel in a hillside village. Beside Pepe the Parrot's perch was a written-on black board: "Life was not done for you to understand it but to enjoy"

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